MaldiveB2B is the hotel booking engine, for agents only, entirely geared to the dynamic travel packaging with Maldives as main destination.

This web platform is a Manta World’s brand, Italian outgoing tour operator strongly specialized in the Maldivian archipelago with a fifteen years’ background in organizing leisure travels to exotic destinations.


  • Excellent flight and accommodation solutions, quickly and at the best possible prices
  • Proven quality services, numerous offers and a wide range of hotels
  • Licensed tour operator authorised by Regione Lazio; civil liability insurance by UnipolSai and guarantee fund by Salvagente (A.I.A.V.)


MaldiveB2B wants to provide its target operators with a booking system, focused on the Maldives, where (after registering) you get access to important features including: price quotations and availability of the best Maldivian facilities; travel packages consisting of accommodation, return transfers and airport handling or also comprising international flight tickets and insurance.


Our team is made up of professionals who work in tandem and share a deep knowledge of the destination.
We offer our clients advices on choosing the hotel, and we provide assistance on all pre and post sales issues.
We organize regular fam trips to keep abreast of new openings, renovations and changes (we have personally visited more than 70 Maldivian resorts).

We mainly work in the Italian B2B market, but we also have customers all over the world.


In-depth knowledge of hotels and personalized customer care before-during and after vacation. Many Tour Operators (wholesaler, retail) and Travel Agencies (with showcase, online) have already found in MaldiveB2B their ideal partner! Using our web platform is free and it allows you to print quotations already increased by agent commission. From back office you can set the markup percentage (0 to 50%) up by yourself. Register now!


If your company has an online booking system, through the automatisms and the XML language you can now merge the existing offers with ours so that the end customer can benefit from it at any time without leaving your website! For more information contact us.